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I am a front-end developer, and this is where I share with the world what I’ve learned.

Meta - Facebook Inc (June 2022 - Present)

Working on some amazing things!

Flock|Titan - A Directi Company (October 2017 - May 2022)

I worked on in-page applications at Flock. I have single-handedly built the front-end of the following apps.

Mailcast App: Create your own mailing list with Flock and deliver emails to multiple people with ease. A Mailcast user would have multiple roles like admin, read-only etc. and can create/own/add members/delete mailing lists. It also gives a user the ability to Subscribe/Unsubscribe from the Mailing list.
Framework: Vue.js

Polls App: Any Flock user would be able to create and vote on polls. Added image support and URLs would automatically become links. Used Service Workers to save static content for faster load time.
Framework: Vue.js

Shared To-do App Enhancements: The Shared To-dos app is the most widely used app integration in Flock. A lot of teams collaborate using this app to keep track of their goals and team’s activities. Added major enhancements like drag/drop and added clickable URLs in Todos.
Framework: Backbone.js

Google Calendar App: Flock has its own integration with Google Calendars which enables you to view your meetings/events in a single place, i.e. your Flock App. I revamped the app to use Service Workers and Vue.js which in turn decreased the load times and improved the Lighthouse audit score.
Framework: Vue.js

FlockOS Components: This is an ongoing activity in which I created a repository of highly reusable components that adhere to Flock’s design language. The components are highly configurable and provide easy and quick solutions to most designs that a developer might come across. Documented this in an article on how to create a library of Vue.js components:
Framework: Vue.js

Olacabs (December 2015 - September 2017)

  • Supply Movement: In this project, I drew color-coded polygons on the map whenever the partner’s application went into idle mode. The partner would be able to see predicted areas of high demand on his phone along with his own location. Technologies used: Vanilla JavaScript, Leaflet.js, NodeJS and CSS3.
  • Supply Partner Acquisition: This project enables the organization to manage potential partners (leads) with Ola. The primary consumers of this application are the operations team, bank lenders, and car dealers. Technologies used: Redux, ReactJS, Webpack and SASS.
  • Working as a UI Developer, I implemented SPAs which make the life of our Operations Team much easier.
  • Capturing information using forms based on AngularJS and also images so as to store all data in digital form.
  • Was responsible for the Frontend Architecture of three projects and creating them from scratch.
  • Boost Zones - Tool to help our Driver Partners for highlighting areas of high demand for Drivers on Maps. Used Maps, Webpack, NodeJS, MongoDB and SASS. (March 2015 - November 2015)

  • Worked as Software Developer UI on frameworks like LESS, BackboneJS, CoffeeScript other related technologies.
  • My main projects at Housing were working on the Rentals section and Localities.

Publicis.Sapient (July 2013 - March 2015)

  • Worked on and used KnockoutJS as framework of choice


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